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Waste Atlas is a crowdsourcing free access map that visualizes municipal solid waste management data across the world for comparison and benchmarking purposes.

Waste Atlas is made with the contribution of scientists from different countries and the utilization of published data. Any contribution is more than welcomed but the figures published are firstly checked for mistakes or inconsistencies.

Waste Atlas already includes data for:

    164 Countries ( total 1,825,463,704 tn/yr or 97% of the Global Waste Generation )

    1800 Cities

    1626 Sanitary Landfills

    90 Dumpsites

    129 MBT units

    78 Biological Treatment

    716 WtE plants

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The current annual Municipal Solid Waste (MSW) generation is estimated to 1.9 billion tonnes with almost the 30% of it to remain uncollected. As for the collected MSW, 70% is led to landfills and dumpsites, 19% is recycled or recovered and 11% is led to energy recovery facilities. The number of people that lacks access even to the most elementary Waste Management (WM) services is estimated to at least 3.5 billion. If we continue with a Business as Usual practice, the situation seems to worsen significantly, with forecasts to estimate that the population that will have no access to WM services in 2050 will be around 5.6 billion.

Global Waste Generation Clock (Tonnes)
Start Counting from May 1st, 2012

Here you can download digital documents about Waste Atlas



  • Description

    For the very first time, the World’s 50 biggest active dumpsites are profiled in this 2nd Annual Report of Waste Atlas. Data on important dumpsites are collected and visualized in a unified way, supported by a brief statistical analysis. These dumpsites could be associated with important negative socio-economic and environmental impacts, highlighting the importance of global cooperation for elimination of uncontrolled disposal sites.



  • Description

    Waste Atlas 1st Annual Report aims to present the concept of Waste Atlas and its main features to the wide public. The free access, crowdsourcing and non-commercial characteristics of Waste Atlas are highlighted and a brief analysis of the data uploaded is presented. In addition, major partners of Waste Atlas are presented and next steps and goals are outlined.



  • Description

    This is a presentation of Alexandros Mavropoulos, Waste Atlas Project Manager. It was first presented in the 3rd Regional Forum of Sweep-Net in Cairo on May 14-16, 2013. This presentation is an overview of the Waste Atlas, of its content and features, and how waste planners and authorities can use Waste Atlas as a waste management tool. In addition, it provides the outcomes of a forecast made about the waste generation for certain countries that participate in Sweep-Net, based on forecasts available about economic growth, the evolution of population and consumption patterns.



  • Description

    "Utilizing Waste Atlas" is a presentation provided by the CEO and Founder of D-Waste, Mr. Antonis Mavropoulos. It was first presented in the 8th Conference of the "Jornadas Técnicas Internacionais de Resíduos", organized by GRAPESB in Portugal, held in Lisbon - Portugal from 16 to 18 of July 2013.

Press Office

Press Releases

  • 10/9/2013: GPWM: "Waste Atlas maps waste management around the world" Download
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  • 2/12/2013: "D-Waste 's Global Presence - Autumn 2013"Download
  • 16/1/2014: "IFC's journal: A Special Tribute to Waste Atlas"Download
  • 12/5/2014 : "Waste Atlas - Workshop on waste data and statistics in Amman,Jordan, 12-13 May 2014" Download
  • 15/5/2014: "Waste Atlas Competition: Winner Announcement!"Download
  • 16/5/2014: "Waste Atlas - The Ultimate Platform to Map Marine Litter" Download
  • 19/5/2014: "Waste Atlas Vs 50 biggest dumpsites" Download


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